Bilcon Industries Pte. Ltd. produces a wide range of precast concrete products for use in road works, telecommunication installations and plumbing works. We have been a long time supplier for many civil and plumbing contractors who undertake numerous project throughout Singapore for both public and private clients. Over the years, Bilcon Industries have been able to offer high quality products at competitive prices to our customers through efficient production process, quality control and cost management. Through this, we are able to establish our reputation as a reliable local supplier of precast concrete products in Singapore and Malaysia.


  • IC Sumps
  • Septic Tanks
  • Chamber Ring top slabs


  • MX1
  • MX2
  • MX3
  • MX4
  • MX5
  • Concrete Base

Road Works

  • B-Channels
  • C-Channels
  • U-Drains
  • Drop-Inlet Chambers
  • Road Kerbs