The Perfect Pipe consists of a 360° synthetic liner made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is firmly anchored into a concrete shell. The HDPE liner stands out for its ongoing resistance to all standard chemical loads, high pressure flushing durability, adhesive pull-out strength and its resistance to abrasion.

To further protect the pipe system from aggressive chemical attacks, the pipe connections are equipped with the “PERFECT Connector”, which is made out of Polypropylene and is resistant to corrosion as well. This connector makes it possible to connect pipes quickly, easily and most importantly, in a watertight manner, which means that welding of the HDPE liners is no longer required.


Bilcon Industries is proud to introduce the Perfect Pipe Technology developed by Schlusselbauer Technology into Singapore. The Perfect Pipe system concept evolved from the idea of revolutionising the entire wastewater sector. Perfect Pipe combines the product benefits of a robust concrete pipe with resistant synthetic liners and marks the beginning of a new era in wastewater sewerage systems.

  • High corrosion resistance and static load capacity, even in the case of high traffic loads, enables Perfect Pipe to achieve a life-cycle of at least 100 years.
  • Watertight seal from pipe to pipe, thanks to the internal Perfect Connector.
  • Highest level of efficiency and economic viability, in both open construction and pipe jacking.
  • No welding of HDPE liners at pipe joints required.
  • Optimized use of resources and safety during planning, production, installation and operation.
  • Versatile and individual application due to the availability of various pipe geometries.



Laying a new pipe system is complex and costly. Therefore, it is important that the pipe installation is as quick and easy as possible and that the pipes have a long life-cycle. Pipe systems from Perfect Pipe stand out due to their optimum robustness and corrosion resistance regardless of whether they are used in open-trench construction or for pipe jacking.

Perfect Pipe Technology combines the positive material characteristics of a robust concrete pipe and corrosion-resistant synthetic liners to offer quick, safe and, most notably, completely watertight installation thanks to the innovative HDPE connectors. These "PERFECT Connectors" allow the connecting of HDPE-lined concrete pipes with an internal diameter of 800mm and below that was not previously possible due to the limitations of man-entry into a confined space.


The Perfect Pipe concrete-HDPE composite pipe, which are produced in a precise process, fulfill the requirements of a modern, durable wastewater drainage system and are designed to have a life-cycle of more than 100 years. This results in low life-cycle costs and high level of sustainability with regard to the use of resources and operations.